Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Laina Turns Five!

It hardly seems possible that the tiny ten-month-old baby we brought home is now a beautiful five-year-old girl with a mind of her own. But here she is! Laina decided she wanted a play-date party, as she called it. All her girl friends over with their dolls, and crafts, and cookies and sprinkles. And sword-fighting. But we nixed that one--short on time and all. :)

(last day as a four!)

(first day as a five!)

Her birthday was on Tuesday, and we spent the morning doing hair, and then met the Whatleys for dinner at Chick-fil-a, it being Cow Appreciation Day and all. Laina wore a crown that read, "I'm the Birthday Cow." And loved it. She opened presents there from family. I made her adoption story book this year, and we didn't want her to open that at her party in case she felt uncomfortable with it. But she didn't, and showed some of the guests the next day.

(Cory got a salad and a coke--his idea of heaven.)

(Karolina sees the big cow walking around)

Tuesday night we had a massive thunderstorm. We lost power for hours that night and again the next morning and thought we may have to call off the party. But thankfully, we got it back and the house cooled off in time for our guests to arrive!

We decorated aprons and then cookies. Mason used his cookie to shovel sprinkles into his mouth. And he asks to look at this picture all the time.

Laina had a blast at her party. I think her favorite presents were the horse from Nona and the quilt from Grammy and Papa. Although the caboodle and girly accessories from Aunt Jenna were a pretty big win too.
(working on Laina's birthday banner)

(decorating aprons)

(the party people!)

Ivy enjoyed hanging out with her arranged Best Friend (similar to an arranged marriage; they are best friends, as decided by the parents!) Lyla. Lyla and Ivy are eight weeks apart, almost to the day. We did a little mini photo shoot since they both had adorable tutus and headbands.

(The big girls and their baby sisters. The babies didn't care for this part of the shoot.)

(sweet Lyla)

One of her presents from us was extensions in her hair! She's been wanting them for a while, but I thought I'd have to pay someone to put them in. I finally found someone and then Kelsey told me that it's not too hard and I could do it myself. So...I tried it! It took a loooooong time, but Laina was very happy with the results. She walks around tossing her head back and forth. It's great.

And just like that, the four became five. Her big brothers both bought her gum, since five is a family rite of passage to be able to chew it. She glowed and grinned both days of her birthday celebration. Laina, we love you so. You are sweet and kind, silly and fun. Happy birthday, Bug!

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