Sunday, March 27, 2016

Cory Turns Eight!

Cory is a funny guy. Today, for example (Easter Sunday), he said he didn't want to eat outside on the porch because "the moisture in the air is rather unpleasant." He's an old soul, this guy. He loved Teddy Rosevelt, and has followed Teddy's example in starting "a collection." When Teddy--called Teedie as a child--was young, he collected animals. Dead ones. Taxidermied animals, skulls, pelts, etc. Cory has his own collection that consists of a turkey beard (SO GROSS), some birds' nests, cicada shells, etc.
(last day as a seven!)

All of this does relate to his birthday.

He wanted his birthday theme to be "mammals of the North American Plains." So, of course, we made it happen. For one thing, his gifts from us: a fire starting kit, a whet stone to sharpen his pocket knife, a cow skin rug, and a rabbit pelt. Those last two were to add to his collection. He adored them, and he sometimes carries the rabbit pelt in his backpack.

(making his birthday banner)

So how to carry out that theme? My aunt Samantha is an artist, author, illustrator, and art teacher (see her website here). She was in town and stayed and extra day to lead an art class for Cory and his friends. They painted buffaloes, and it was amazing. (Thank you Aunt Sam!)

He also requested pizza bites and brownies and ice cream. And his grandparents gave him a motorized go-cart thing. And his Nona gave him some stuffed plains animals, which he loved. All in all, it couldn't have been a better birthday for our history-buff naturalist.

Cory D, we love you. You are one cool kid. You're smart, talented, thoughtful, clever, hilarious, and kind. You take good care of your sisters and brothers, always looking out for them. You always want to be on God's team, and you say that worshipping Him is the most important thing. We are proud of you! Happy eighth birthday!

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Papa said...

Cory, something Teddy Roosevelt was known for saying was, "Bully!" One of his biographies is even titled Bully!

This is a good example of how words are used differently over time. When he would say it, bully meant something like, "That's wonderful!" Today, the word is mostly used to describe someone who tries to get their own way by threatening other people. Don't become a bully.

May God bless you richly!