Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Dinosaur-Fireman Party

Mason, dear, delightful Mason, turned four last month. And in true Mason style, a week or so before his party, he decided that he didn't want to go with his friends to a fire station (this boy LOVES all things fire truck). Instead, he'd rather have just his cousins come over.

And he wanted a dinosaur-fireman party.

Everyone was to come in costume.

There was to be NO laughing. Even if you snorted, you couldn't laugh.

Yes, he really did make up all these rules.

So in the end, he had his dinosaur/fireman/costume/no-laughing party, although he loosened up on the laughing rule. It was just his speed and super fun.

(Mason's last day as a three!)

(look at that smile)

(and he's four!)

(coloring the birthday banner with his cousins)

(Meanwhile, Ivy got into the cake and ate giant handfuls out of the middle 
that I later tried to hide with frosting.)

(fun birthday entertainment: watching Jeremy, Jenna, and Curtis try to get the camper into the backyard!)

(party time! He's decked out in dino clothes! 
That hoodie, from Nona, is his favorite. He wears it every day and adores it.)

(the guests. Haylee and Jeff also came. Mace said they had to wear costumes, and believe it or not, they didn't play ball!)

(the dinosaur-fireman)

(Elmo, with a dino mask, made an appearance.)

(He asked for yellow cake, chocolate frosting, and lots of sprinkles. You bet, my buddy.)

Mason, you're such a cool kid. Your million-dollar smile, your songs, your kisses, your laugh, your crazy ideas, your boundless energy--we are forever thankful for you. 
We love you, dude. Happy Birthday.

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