Friday, November 10, 2006

Four Generations

We've been doing quite a bit of travelling lately. Good thing Iain is a fairly happy little guy when we hit the road. We spent some time on Thursday and Saturday of last week in Satellite Beach with Jeremy's grandparents (and other members of his family). I think everyone enjoyed getting to hold and snuggle with Iain. One of the things we had really wanted to do on those trips was to get a picture of the four generations: Joe Sr. (Iain's great-grandfather), Joe Jr. (Iain's grandfather), Jeremy, and Iain. What a treasure for Iain to have later on.

It's amazing to see how fast the little man is growing. Yesterday, he held his head up very well for quite a while! I didn't get a picture of that, but here is one from a week or so ago - just imagine him holding his head up even higher.

One of our new favorite pastimes when the weather is nice is to go outside with a blanket. Iain enjoys watching the leaves in the tree above him and the dancing light patterns that filter through. He'll lay there quite contentedly for a half hour sometimes and then eventually be lulled to sleep. It's fun to see him enjoying nature, seeing things for the first time, and wondering at creation.

Grammy (Jeremy's mom) made a bunch of cute little burp cloths for Iain before he was born, out of cloth diapers with ribbon trim and eyelet. They serve their purpose well, but this morning, Iain decided they needed to serve another purpose. How cute!

I don't think I've ever taken so many pictures in my life! My mom should be proud.:) This one is a bit blurry, but I love the expression.

The Superman Pose

And some very exciting news... Iain really likes being swaddled. REALLY likes it. But he's getting so big that the receiving blankets I used to wrap him in weren't doing the job anymore. He'd kick his feet out and the blanket would pop off his chest and arms, and then his arms would be free to wave around... and wake him up. Fine for nap time, but he couldn't sleep more than a few hours at night, though I knew he should be able to, since he really wasn't all that hungry sometimes at night. So I used a gift card and bought a baby gadget - even though I am usually anti-baby gadgets. It's called a Swaddler, and it's a little blanket pouch with velcro to keep it closed. He looks like a little pea pod. But it works! The first night I tried Iain in it (last Tuesday), he slept six hours - and he has every night since. It's so nice to have him (and me) getting better sleep at night.


Shannon said...

Allie, he is so precious! I love that he is already enjoying nature. I would rather like to lay out on a blanket and watch the leaves move around myself! =)
Praise God for small blessings like the swaddler! I would love to hang out with you some time. Let me know when is best for you. Even if we just walk around the neighborhood or something. =)

Mrs said...

The Swaddler! Should be named, "The Baby Burrito!" (Can you tell I'm a So. California gal?) What a treasure this would have been with small babies!

Thanks for the cuteness fix! What adorable pictures. The four generation picture is a treasure indeed.

Jennifer said...

He is by far one of the most beautiful babes I have ever seen! Just beautiful and so happy! Thank you for keeping us all posted and for all of the pictures!
Love you!
Aunt Jennifer

Anonymous said...

What a treasure he is!! Allie, thank you for posting pictures I regularly look to see if there are new pictures and stories.

Anonymous said...

Oh Allie! I'm so glad he loves nature so much. Now we MUST have a picnic! :)

Phyllis said...

I've been wanting to see one of those swaddler things up close to see how to make one. Do you think it would be doable? Iain should be the poster baby for them! He looks so happy bundled up. Will said he almost looks like a Russian baby in it. :-) We used to actually tie Raia up in a blanket: put her down on it, tie in the front, flip her over, wrap it around, and tie again in the back.

And I love to hear that he is already enjoying God's creation! It's funny to see a picture of a "naked" (by Russian standards) baby outside now.

Jaan wants to write something "to the baby," as he says:
I hope Iain could understand that! :-)