Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Anatomy of a Roll

Step one: lie on belly with head held high, all the while, looking cute.
Step two: begin to lean to one side, making sure to look cute while doing so.
Step three: kick legs over, looking cute at the same time.
Step four: end on back, and add satisfied expression to original cute one.
Yes, last night, Iain rolled over for the first (and second, and third, and fourth) time. He was mighty pleased with himself and cooed and laughed after he made it onto his back. I think he's glad to know how to roll over because he never really liked "tummy time" to begin with - now he doesn't have to put up with it when he doesn't want to!

In other news,the red van died on I-4 (Iain and I had to hike back up the road to the nearest exit where my mom came and picked us up.). We were sad to see the faithful Monstro (my name for it, not Jeremy's, as he'd like me to make clear) go, but we're greatly enjoying our new van. We bought it used from some friends from my old church. It's a '97 and much nicer than any vehicle either of us has owned before!

And Iain has been enjoying his bouncy seat. It plays music and he kicks to make the toys dance. He smiles and has grabbed the toy once or twice. Usually, though, he just waves his arms and watches the toys move as he kicks.
Bundled up and smiling at Dad:


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new van, and congrats to Iain for his amazing motor-activity! (I think one of mine was so surprised when they rolled over, they burst into tears.)

It was so good seeing you and Iain today! We should get Haylee to play drums more often. ;-) Give our best to Jeremy, please.

Anonymous said...

i forgot to tell you how incredibly cute iain's roll is. :) what a speedy little developer! yay iain!