Sunday, December 17, 2006

Disney Trip

On Friday, Jeremy's aunt Gloria took Yaya (Jeremy's grandmother), Iain and I to Disney where she works at the Grand Floridian Hotel. We had a really delicious breakfast there, met some of the ladies she works with, got pictures of Iain with the characters, and shopped at some of the "cast members only" stores. It was a fun and busy day.

Iain didn't react at all to the characters, but it was fun to take his picture with them anyway. Note on the Pooh picture: Iain really wasn't about to fall off the table; it just looks that way. :)

In front of the Christmas tree in the hotel. Notice the crying Iain - ready for his meal!
A tired baby on the ride home:
And one more picture. Compare this with the other bath picture (in the post called "Bathtime, Etc") and see how much he's grown! He turned three months old on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

i so wanted to play alice in wonderland at disney. then i'd get to be in a cute picture with a cute baby. :) yaya....that's an interesting name. david's mom came up with grandma hugs. we said ugh, something more clever, please! :)

Anonymous said...

I like this bath picture! He's not howling. However, the howling for his meal is cute and funny, too! (See my latest blog about kids still being cute! LOL)

Kelly called my mother Yaya when she began to speak. You know that's Greek for grandmother, right? We always knew our Kelly was brilliant! We still refer to her as Grandma Yaya.

Allie said...

Jeremy's grandmother is Greek, actually, so that explains her name. And yes, Kelly is brilliant. :)