Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fun Times with Iain

Iain is getting to be quite a fun fellow! He smiles, grabs for toys, laughs, and loves to talk. When he starts saying words, I don't know if he'll ever stop. :) Here are some pictures of fun times with the boy:

Playing "Ride a Little Pony" with Iain:
His cute Santa hat:
The Bumbo. Jeremy's aunt Gloria saw a baby ina restaurant in one of these and thought it was great. She got one for Iain; he's just now holding up his head enough to use it. He seems to like the new perspective on the world that it gives him. It's been fun to sit him on the table in it when we eat - he looks like a little chubby king on his throne.

And a preview for the next entry: My friend Lauren (see previous post "Bathtime, Etc.") and I have been working on Christmas stockings for "the boys." We finished today and wanted to take a picture, but Iain was napping. (Yes, napping! We're making progress!) So hopefully we'll be able to get a picture of them soon and you can see our amazing stocking-making skills. It was a fun project, though.

Happy Wednesday!


Phyllis said...

Bumbo? It's just a chair thing? When I first skimmed over to look at the pictures, I thought "Good for Allie! She's already putting him on a potty." :-) I guess it's a different kind of throne, though. He does look cute in it!

Anonymous said...

While every minute of their babyhood is precious, I sure enjoyed when they could sit up unassisted! I wish I could freeze them at that age; sitting up and able to hold things, but not able to crawl and get into things!

Very cute seat though. Looks like it will be useful for a long time!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for napping! You see, he just needed someone to reason with him. You're welcome:).

Anonymous said...

Oops. I forgot to sign my comment. I really should just get a username/password.