Sunday, December 10, 2006

Still Working on Naptime!

The past few days have still been fussy ones. Iain is letting us know that he has opinions! Since about Thursday, I've been trying to get him to go down for naps at somewhat regular times - sometimes we have more success than other times. :) Right now, he's in his crib complaining but not crying... go to sleep, Iain!

Work on the house continues. This weekend, Mr Walter and Jeremy put in a new front door for us. Important because we couldn't pour slab on the side until we could get in the front. This week, we plan to choose a plumber and hopefully get that work started. Then the slab. Then the framing in and we'll be on our way.

Our only other news is that school is almost over for the year. We're looking forward to Christmas break, so we can regroup, catch up, and spend some time together. It's been a busy semester and we're ready for a break.


Anonymous said...

allie! he looks peaceful in that picture :) i'll pray for a sleepy baby at sleeping times!

I'm very excited about the progress of your home. when does school get out? i would like very much to get together sometime.

Anonymous said...

Awwww. . . he's so adorable! Is he not liking the swaddling anymore?

I can't wait to see your new front door! I'll have to do a "drive by" or something!

Sorry I missed my first chance to hold Iain. Our church has a 15/15 prayer time; 15 minutes after church ends we meet for 15 minutes and pray specifically for evangelizm. I'm thrilled to say my step-father was on that list for four years and is now a believer! You can bet I don't want to miss praying for others to receive the same joy I received. Still, I'll be hogging that baby soon enough during sewing, huh?

BTW, if you choose Mondays for SAT Prep it needs to be early in the afternoon. He plays for the youth band and they practice at 4:30. He wouldn't be much good to you in the morning. ;-)

Allie said...

Actually, he still likes swaddling for naps and bedtime. This picture is the exception, by far! And, I admit, it's a few weeks old - I didn't have one to post for this entry!

Phyllis said...

Raia looked at the picture and said, "Shhh!" :-) Her favorite game right now is putting her babies to bed; now she wants to play with this one.