Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Iain and Friends

So, no, I didn't get the movie clip up. But I did learn a little bit about HTML code and how to add things to this blog page: note the email subscription on the side (just for you, Phyllis!) and if you scroll down all the way to the bottom, there are two very cute counters telling you just how old Iain and Newby are (borrowed from Phyllis' blog:). So that took up all my blogging time for the day and the movie will have to wait. The two on the bottom are off-center, crowded and awkward - does anyone know how to fix that?

Now for some pictures. This is Iain doing his new trick: snorting!
I tried to get this one on the ticker, with no success. Cute, though, eh?
When I whipped out the camera to catch a snorting picture, my little ham immediately switched on the charm. He definitely isn't camera-shy!
And now, the Iain and Friends
Iain with Isabel:
Iain with Caiden:
And Iain with Dad (Father's Day picture):
Tune in next time for a funny story about Iain learning about the word "no."


Mrs said...

Oooh! I hate having to wait for a cute story! I know, I know. . .

Love the Father's Day picture! It's hard to tell who's the happiest in that one.

Thanks for the treat!

annie said...

cutecutecute!! we loved our visit, even if she did make angry faces at the end. :)

Shannon said...

So fun! Let's do it again! After I left I realized I had so many questions to ask you... I'll have to save them for next time!
Praying for good tummy days!