Sunday, August 26, 2007

It's Been Almost a Month

And anyone who still checks this blog wins the prize. I'm going to attempt to get back to my every Wednesday posting, so check back then and feel free to berate me if I don't get it done. :)

We've been rather busy around here. Jeremy started a new job, in early July, which he loves. I am trying to work part time in a few different areas. Iain is crawling fast and trying to stand. He's taken a total of three unassisted steps (two at one time, one at another). He's been saying a few words verbally like "bib," "bread," and "duck," and a few words in sign language like "please," "thank you," and "more." He still has four teeth: two on the bottom and two "fangs" on the top. You'll see those in a minute. He also has recently (as in less than a week ago) started going to bed much more easily and sleeping through the night or waking up briefly once. Amazing! You'll recall from a post around when we found out about Newby that he was sleeping well. It only lasted for about three weeks before he went back to "normal." But I think this time, it's a maturity thing as well as some new techniques on our part, so I think it'll stick.

Newby is growing strong. I had a sonogram two weeks ago and everything looks great. We didn't find out if it was a boy or girl; as we did with Iain, we're going to wait until he/she is born to see.

Okay, on to the pictures. I still haven't loaded the beach pictures onto my computer, but ice cream and teeth are here, plus some more for fun.

Our friends Lauren and Noah went out for ice cream with Iain and I. Here's Iain with his first taste of ice cream - he LOVED it. We have discovered that he, like his mama, has a sweet tooth. :)

And here's Noah enjoying his cone:
Teeth: a good one of the bottom teeth and a good?? one of the "fangs!" (sorry for the sideways one - not sure what happened there)

My little drummer: in the first one, I found Iain here in his room playing with his dad's drums. Looks like the cat who ate the canary, eh? The second one shows innovative drumming - over his head on the hallway wall.

And some random cute ones:

Note the last picture: he's standing on his own!


Mrs said...

Nice technique, Iain! You should let Aunt Haylee in on that one!

Praising God for sleep and sweet little boys!

Anonymous said...

I like that last one.

So what happened to every Wednesday?

~your favorite little cousin.

Anonymous said...

Man.... I miss that kid. I still can't believe that the one time he was not allowed to sleep.... he took a forever long nap. Shame on him! Well... keep at least some of this weekend open for his favorite aunt : )