Friday, August 31, 2007

Oh No! It's Friday!

And I said I'd post Wednesday! Oh well. Things remain crazy here. We have houseguests - Sidonie and Ryan and their two ferrets - living with us, and we're trying as hard as we can to get the new room done before Newby comes. Jobs are still going well. We took a trip to Bradenton last weekend to visit Grammy and Papa - sat in traffic for almost 6 hours on what should have been a 2.5 hour trip. That was no fun, but the rest of the trip was very nice. I'm teaching... what... three or four classes a week. Just almost finished the geography curriculum I'm writing for elementary school kids. Well, the first semester of the course, anyway. So that's our crazy life at the moment. And Iain is approaching birthday number one! And Aunt Haylee is home from college for the weekend.

Anyway, a few choice pictures...
The roofers working hard to put on our new brown roof. I love brown roofs. Thank you so much everyone who helped in that sweltering heat!!

My cutie in the backyard swing (with disproportionate hand...)
And Iain with the ferrets. He laughs when they tickle his fingers with their whiskers.

What is wrong with blogger lately that it gets these pictures sideways??


Mrs said...
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Allie said...
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annie said...

whoa're publishing your curriculum??? i thought you were writing it for your aunt or!

i have a big long email written to you. in my head. i hope to type it soon, before i forget everything!

say HI to sid and ryan and jeremy and give iain a squeeze for me :)

Phyllis said...

Hi! I haven't commented for a while, because I've been getting your posts by email and not getting on the internet. I have thoroughly enjoyed then, though! Email is so much more convenient; thanks for adding that option for me. I'll try to come by and comment once in a while now too, though.

I would be interested in hearing more about this geography curriculum of yours.

Shannon said...

Yeah Allie- thanks for getting back to blogging. Now if I could only follow in your example. (I know, shame, shame.) I miss you! Maybe next week, or in two we can get back on schedule? ;)
Love, Shae