Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Too Cute

Today's pictures are, in my opinion, so cute that they need little description. Nice because I'm holding a nursing Iain and so typing with one hand....

Papa and Iain "surfing" around the living room:
On the way home from Grammy and Papa's, playing with Ling-Ling, a stuffed panda they brought back from China. It's neck-in-neck with Shamu and The Blue Guy for favorite stuffed animal:
The big boy and his new favorite toy: a walker from Nan:
And the new favorite food: spaghetti! In this first picture, Iain is saying "please" in sign language because he wanted more. He literally giggles when he sees that it's spaghetti for dinner or when he gets another helping, or when he squishes it in his hand before eating it. Makes for a very silly meal! The second picture shows the other place he likes to put spaghetti:


Mrs said...

Yup, you've definitely blown the "you can't get pregnant while nursing' myth!

Isn't his first birthday coming? I'll have to check my calendar.

Haylee said...

He is soooo cute! It was quite entertaining watching him eat/play with his spaghetti. It kinda reminded me of mom's spaghetti dump b-day. Maybe you should do that for his.

Anonymous said...

Oh No! It's Friday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Iain!!!!
It's so Exciting!!!!!

annie said...

Happy birthday Iain!!!

love, the huddlestons

p.s. you have a card but this absent-minded mama forgot to stamp it :( so your birthday will be extended a few days until you get it! that's happy.

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IAIN!!!!

Love, Your SC cousins!!!!

Anonymous said...