Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hunsader Farms

Last weekend, we went down to visit Jeremy's parents and take Iain to Hunsader Farms, a family fall festival/fair-type thing. Iain wasn't feeling very well, but he still seemed to enjoy it, as did we all.
Pumpkin Kid:

These pictures were inspired by Noah's adorable pumpkin pictures! :)
Family Photo:
They had several bands playing throughout the day: country, bluegrass, etc. The stage in front of the stage was for the kids to dance on. I didn't think Iain would want to go up there, as it was mostly bigger kids (about four and up), and he wasn't feeling well. So we all sat down on some benches to listen. Lo and behold, Iain just walked right up to the stage, not even checking to see if I was coming with him (of course, I was!). He crawled up the steps and walked right through the twirling, jumping, dancing mass of kids. Then he stopped right in the middle, in front of the band. He didn't dance, move, or look around; he just stood and watched the band until they finished. Then he tried to climb up onto THEIR stage. What a bold little kid. :)
Iain listening to music with Grammy:
There was a pretty neat butterfly tent there, too.

All in all, we enjoyed the farm. Hopefully next year, we can go again.


Mrs said...

Wow, it almost looks like fall to the untrained eye. We Floridians sure try, don't we?

Sorry Himself is so busy this week. He'll be gone all day today, and all day tomorrow! I'm praying for you guys and that your work will continue; I know well the frustration of having to wait!

Shannon said...

Oh, I was just saying to Jeff that I wanted a picture of Caiden in a pumpkin patch- in overalls, no less! =) Great minds think alike!

See you tomorrow!

Mrs said...

Allie! You're so close to being finished! Soon, you too will have paint on the walls. Soon!

Feel free to come over any time to see the school room, though I'll be posting pictures soon.