Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Upsidedown Bookworm

Iain loves books. I mean, he really loves them. The squirmy kid who can't seem to make it through a trip to the grocery store can sit for an hour if someone will read to him. Book after book after book, he'll just keep handing them to you with a winning smile and a sign-language "please." And who can resist a boy who wants to read all the time. And yes, I mean all the time. If ever I tell him no to a book (say, when I'm cooking him dinner:), he bursts into tears... temper tears. We're working on that Still, it seems almost sinful to tell a one-year-old no to reading a book.

And now, he says "again" when you get to the end of any book. We worked on that one for a while. Actually, he says, "n-ga!" but we know what he means.

When no one is reading to him, he is often reading on his own. Wait until he really learns how to read - this kid will be unstoppable.

But lest you think he's all bookworm and no wiggly boy, here's a picture of one of his tricks:
By the way, I think today is the start of him really walking. He's been toddling a few steps here and there for a while now (especially if he's bringing someone a book - no lie, that's really when he walks the most! His mind is fixed on the fun to come...), but today he really got going. He just left the couch and walked all the way to the tv. Then he left the tv and walked to a toy, and so on, all over the living room and kitchen. I think he's mobile!

One more thing: as of yesterday, Iain is 31 inches tall and weighs 20.5 lbs. That makes him in the 75th percentile for height, and the 25th for weight. Tall and skinny! You can't say I haven't been feeding this boy though - just look at all the food pictures on this blog.


annie said...

how wonderfully fun! we're praying isabel is the same way. so far so good....she really likes turning pages and chewing corners. :) hooray for book lovers! what a great interest to instill early. this will insure, Lord-willing, you will get an hour or two of quiet time a day while your children read!

Mrs said...

We would often use "no books" as a consequence for misbehavior with Ty. He would wail to us, "BOOOOOOOKS! Booooooks!"

Now, I think he uses them as paperweights. (sigh)