Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dining Room Re-Do

We've been working a lot on finishing up this building project. Last weekend, Jeremy's parents came up to help us paint. John W came over multiple times before the weekend and on Saturday and was a great help, and others came by as well - thanks, everyone! Anyway, the living room, dining room, and addition are all painted and looking terrific. The dining room especially is drastically different, as you will soon see...

Picture number one: the paneling. No offense if you have some in your house and love it, but I am NOT a fan. Glad to have it gone.
Picture number two: what we found underneath. Sea-foam green walls smeared with liquid nails and spotted with large holes in the plaster. This changed the plans a bit because now not only did Jeremy and I have to spend a day and a half scraping liquid nails off the walls, but we realized we'd have to add texture to the walls to cover the remains of the liquid nails and the now-patched plaster. Unfortunately, this meant texturing the living room as well, since there is no good stopping place between the rooms.
Picture number three: priming begins. That's Papa (Jeremy's dad) painting and Jeremy in the background looking happy that he's not painting...yet.
Picture number four: white walls, even just covered in primer, are already an improvement.
Pictures number five and six: voila!

Here's my fellows hard at work hanging blinds. Iain loves to "help." Sorry the colors are so off!
And some cute ones Iain's fairy godmother took today when they went to the park. Isn't he the cutest in his overalls?

By the way, I have to set the record straight for everyone who is disputing it: Iain does say "Aleah." Sorry. She wins. :)


Mrs said...

The new color looks fantastic! You know, I hardly remember there was a window there because of the panelling (not a fan, either), much less such a wide, cheerful window!

We started to come over on Tuesday and saw you leaving. ;-) So glad you posted!

Julie said...

It looks great! I can't wait to see it! Only a few more days--I'll call you tomorrow to figure out when we're gonna visit.

annie said...

I love it! The color looks similar to the color we painted our living room. Warm and happy. :) I am not a fan of paneling, either. We have it in our Florida room and I despise it. My dad has a bunch of beadboard that we're going to put in and insulate the ceiling and that will be my school room. Fun! :) I miss you. I wish we could come visit in a few days. I'm jealous!