Thursday, November 15, 2007

Helping Dad

Well, the little man has been sick for the past five days or so. A nasty cold and fever, and a swollen gland on his neck that got to be very big. As in, have-my-mom-come-down-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-look-at-it big. It's started going down a little bit, and he hasn't had a fever today for the first time since Sunday. He's still congested and has a runny nose and a cough, but I think he's on the mend. It's been a long week for all parties concerned.

So I have no new pictures from this week - he's been looking too pitiful. But here are a few more pictures of my fellows hanging blinds from last week. Note Iain is on the stepstool behind his hero. :) Also note what he's got in his hands: the drill bits. Every time Jeremy would ask for them, he'd give them up... but very reluctantly.

In this one, I think he was going on a lion hunt or something....
And finally, the current favorite game: ride a little pony.

Just out of curiosity, which version do you know?

Jeremy's version:
Ride a little pony, ride him downtown,
Look out, little boy, don't fall down!

My version:
Ride a little pony, go to town,
Please, little pony, don't fall down!

Or another version all together? We must solve the mystery - is the rider to go downtown or simply to town? Who is in danger of falling down?? The boy or the pony??


Anonymous said...

I don't remember either of those version is something more like....dun duh du duh du duh du du du dun du duh duh! Dun du du duh du dudu dun duh du dadadadada!! (which is, in case you couldn't guess, the Bonanza theme song :) But out of the two rhymes, yours seems more familiar.

~FGM~ :D :)

Phyllis said...

Mine starts out "Поехали, поехали. . . ." I guess that doesn't help any. :-)

Mrs said...

Oh dear, and here I thought it would be the:

This is the way the ladies ride: trip, trot, trip, trot . . .

Did you google it?

Glad to hear Iain's feeling better! Nobody's happy when a baby's sick. As they say in the South, "It ain't right."

annie said...

I've never heard of either! We sing the William Tell Overture or This is the Way the Ladies Ride. Sorry we aren't any help! I'm so glad he's feeling better. We haven't encountered sick baby, yet, but I know it's no fun! Poor little guy. I do love the pictures of him and his hero!

Mrs said...

This from the Folk Alley Blog:

One on which I was raised is a variation of "Ride a Little Pony", and it was a delight:
Ride a little pony (bounce baby on your knee)
Ride to town (continue bouncing)
Ride a little pony (throw baby's arms outward)
DON'T fall down! (lower baby backward, dropping your knee)
In the Middle East a similar ditty has the child riding the ankle on extended leg; riding a camel in slow, galumphing rhythm on pilgrimage to Mecca. I think that's a charming variation, albeit more difficult to do, depending upon the size of the child!

Anonymous said...

Horsey goes gallop.
Over sticks and over stones,
Horsey don't you break those bones,
Horsey goes gallop.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes yes. Yours sounds much more familiar.

Anonymous said...

Why do all these anonymous Swiss people keep posting on your blog?

Anonymous said...

I remember something about over sticks and over stones horsey don't you break your bones, so I think it's the pony that's supposed to not fall :) But the real reason I wanted to comment was to ask if that child could possibly be any cuter? I think it's not possible! Wow! And family resemblance in your family is amazing. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I've always said,
Ride a little horsey, up to town, WHOOPS LITTLE HORSEY, don't fall down!

Julez said...

my comment is above^^^

I say pony or horsey... but the same verse