Monday, May 19, 2008

More Iain-isms

-The request to read a book has morphed from "Read! Read!" into "Read-ee, read-ee." Not sure why. :)

-The other day at lunch, Iain began counting the potato chips on his plate, without any help from us. We sat and listened, amazed, as our 20-month-old counted to seven all by himself!

-He used to call himself "Eeen." Now he it's "Eee-ahn."

-Still liking to identify colors, Iain now says "boo-wan" for "blue one" when he sees something blue. "Geeen-wan" is the same, but other colors are still only "pink" or "Leh-low."

-On a related note, if there are two things being noted, Iain says "two-wans." Of course. There are two ones.

-My goodness, this boy repeats everything. Yikes! I just told him to "go ahead" and he walked off saying "go ded." Yesterday he learned "ya-wel-com" which, of course, is what you reply to "thank you" (which, by the way, he still won't say).

-It's cool to know what he's thinking now, to follow his train of thought. For example, we were sitting at the table eating strawberries (or "tah-beh"), which ALWAYS reminds him of his buddy Noah. I know this because he looks thoughtfully at his "tah-beh," then yells "No-Aah" and then asks "Comin'?"

-Speaking of comin', certain words are always -ing words. For example, Iain always says "laying down." I know, it should be "lying down." We'll get there.

- "Dada" is now "da-dat," a combination of Dad and that, with the accent on the second syllable.

-"Pillow" is pronounced "peee-low." So it makes perfect sense to call a hill a "Hee-low."

- Iain is very tonal. For example, he always says "nu wan" (for new one) with the "nu" very high-pitched and the "wan" very low. I wonder if he'd be good at Thai or Mandarin.

- "No-wan" should not be misinterpreted as "no-one." Instead, it means "another one." Silly you to think otherwise.

-We seem to have a new word every day that makes Iain crack up for no apparent reason. Once it was "big." Another time it was "loopy." But "dizzy" (pronounced "dee-zee") works every time. So does anything that rhymes with it.

-"Pin-in' " is a popular pastime at our house. As the name implies, it involves spinning while yelling "pin-in' " until one falls down, often crashing into things on the way down. Much laughter ensues, along with yells of "dee-zee!" See above.

-Iain is very good at memorizing lines from books, especially ones that rhyme. How else could you explain the fact that my one-and-a-half year old knows the word "trellis"?

-Any question with the word "where" in it, is promptly answered with "da-way." (that way)

-And whenever Iain gets in trouble (gasp! You mean he gets in trouble? The little angel??), he tearfully says "sorr-eeee" in such a plaintive voice it breaks my heart!

-Last but not least, I was feeding Cory in the new room and noticed that it had gotten very quiet in the rest of the house. Not a good sign. I called, "Iain, where are you?" and heard his sweet voice reply "sleepin'." He was on Cory's sleeping blanket on the couch:

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Mrs said...

I once asked Kelly the same question, but her response was, "I'm gettin' in you things!"

How precious to hear Iain's thought processes and speech progress. Thank you so much for the smiles this morning!