Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Oh the Temptation!

When I was little - okay, up until my sisters and I flat-out refused to humor my mother anymore - my mother used to dress the four of us up in matching outfits. She liked our family pictures to be coordinated, to the extreme. We had the polkadot year. The floppy hat year. The poufy-bang decade (yes, that was the 80s). Yikes. We went way past the age where it was acceptable to match. And we knew it. That, friends, shows our true filial love. We may have swallowed our pride to give my mother cute Easter pictures every year, but inside we were plotting. We knew we'd never make our kids match each other.

But my boys are so cute.

And these outfits were providential (Cory's used to be Iain's, and Iain's was found at Goodwill).

And they're just too cute.

So, the amended promise: We'll never make our kids match when they're old enough to know better.

Do you think Iain minds?


Gerelyn Monungolh Hataki said...
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Lauren said...

ADORABLE!!! Yes, I must insist you keep this up for a few more years... You would do the world a disservice if you robbed us of the cuteness of these "twinsie" boys.

Now when do I get to see the floppy hat pictures?

Shannon said...

Oh, I SO remember those pictures. =) I think my Mom privately was jealous of your cute family pics, but she didn't have such cooperation from our end....It helped that she didn't sew. ;) You have to admit, the young ones are really, really cute- as are your boys! =) I say enjoy it while you can...and then enjoy blackmailing the boys with them when they're 16. =)

Mrs said...

I have ONE photo of Tyler and I dressed in matching outfits, ONE of Kelly and I in mother/daughter dresses. I figured that was enough.

Two boys in matching clothes though? What's not to like?