Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas 08 - The S/L/B/B Family Edition

(Read: the last names of my side of the family - those who were present for Christmas, that is.)

Christmas Eve with my family is a big dinner, a name exchange, Christmas carols, the reading of the Christmas story. And this year: dancing, bouncing, hyper children (including but not limited to my oldest son) and an unfortunate incident involving pants that were too big for said son.

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That part was not captured on film. At least, not on mine.

(note Cory's favorite way to use a pacifier - bottom lip over bottom of said pacifier)

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(I'm bummed that the sound on these videos is so bad! On the first one, Iain and Luke are yelling about falling down. On the second, Cory bangs a horn on a chair - the percussion to our caroling - and the piano accompaniment is by Iain. My little musical family!)

Christmas Day involves a breakfast or brunch, stockings, presents, games, naps...

p.s. Many of the pictures on this post were taken by Kelsey. Thanks Kels!


s i d. said...

Aaaaaaaaaah! I am internet-shrieking at you because your boys are SO incredibly cute. And I haven't even gotten to see the videos yet...

Happy New Year, Brannons!

Christopher Ryan said...

OK, so I saw the videos and I have to second Sid - your boys are adorable! I love the Christmas Carol one - the boys are so musical (maybe they partially "inherited" that from uncle Ryan and aunt Sidonie!) We miss you guys! Oh, I know! You should bring the boys on vacation to Germany to visit! We have a place for you to stay and everything!!! It'll be like old times, only European! ;) Tell Jeremy, Iain and Cory we say hello, and give the boys big hugs for us!

Jessie said...

I can't believe how grown up the boys look in this picture! So cute! :)