Friday, January 02, 2009


A few days before Christmas, Aunt Kelsey came over to give Iain a present born out of a moment of genius: Williamtons! For the uninitiated, William's Wish Wellingtons is a kids' movie (or really, a movie made of a series of five-minute animated BBC tv shorts) that Iain adores. It's British, which explains why our two year old sometimes says "Brilliant puddles!" and super-cute and not at all annoying. How many kid shows can you say that about? Anyway, William, the blonde protagonist, in the first episode gets a pair of magic red wellingtons which enable him to make wishes (for a dog, to be a pirate, etc). Iain calls the boots Williamtons. Here's the synopsis, for you Anglophiles: When William's Mum bought him a new pair of boots he discovered a note inside: "These are Wish Wellingtons, put them on and make a wish. William could now wish himself anywhere in the world or ask for anything he wanted - which sometimes got him into a spot of bother.

Kelsey found not only some red wellingtons, but a whole William outfit! Unfortunately, Iain insisted that the boots are not Williamtons, but just boots. However, he did make several wishes in true William style (scrunching up the face, making fists). He wears the boots all the time, has already been splashing in those brilliant puddles, and now does not correct us when we call them wellingtons.

You know you're gonna have a lot of fun when William puts on his wellingtons!

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