Thursday, March 26, 2009

Times of Grace

The first few days we were here, it was raining and cold. Grace did a great job keeping the boys happy inside among the boxes and the chaos, but eventually, cabin fever set in and they braved the weather and hit the playground. Remember I told you that our townhouse backed up on the park? Here's the view from Iain's window.

Book reading is always a hit with the boys, and especially when Grace (who insists she can read nothing that is not written with rhythm) is around. I think she read them a thousand books. Or at least 50.

Sunny days emerged and the troops hit the park again. They like the playground equipment alright, but the real attraction is the mulch.

Here's our tiny but well-loved back yard. It's actually really nice because it's off the dining room and the kitchen window looks out on it... and it's completely fenced in. The kiddos can play with minimal supervision.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: the Big Chicken!

I promise, this thing is THE landmark here. Every direction is given with the Big Chicken functioning as the North Star. For example, to get to the post office, you turn right at the road immediately after the Big Chicken. If you want to go to Aldi, it's the road right before. There's even a billboard that tells you to turn at the Big Chicken. And whenever anyone at church asks where we're living now, we simply say, "You know the Big Chicken? We're a few miles south of that." And they always know exactly what we're talking about.

So on Grace's last night here, we went to eat at the Big Chicken (really, KFC is such a boring name). We were amazed: inside, you can buy t-shirts, beanie babies, key chains, mugs.... I tell you, it's crazy! There are even pillars inside that are made to look like the chicken's feet. So you're eating chicken inside of a chicken.... I don't know what I think about that.

Anyway, the Big Chicken's beak opens and closes, and his eyes roll around and around, giving him a slightly zany, crazed look. If we go missing, suspect the maniac chicken.

Come visit and we'll take you there, too! You know you want to!


P.S. Here's our day today: Jeremy and Iain are suffering from some kind of stomach flu; Cory is recovering from the same. I haven't gotten it and am praying that I won't. And the washing machine flooded the laundry room and the hall. I had to laugh (or was it a groan) when I saw that, in the midst of chaos, the washer went haywire. But it's getting fixed today. Whew.


Glenna said...

I think the world would end with out Grace. she is dearly loved. just as you and your family are!

Rachel said...

Ah yes, no Grace, no peace.

Ouch! I hope you don't get sick!

I would definitely love to go to the big chicken. Do all fast food chains have a capital like this? I know mcdonald's does, and now kfc...

Lauren said...

SO FUN to see your pictures! Keep 'em coming! We sure miss you guys. The big chicken! HILARIOUS!!