Monday, March 16, 2009

We're Here

For any of you who haven't heard yet, we've moved. Yes, just like that.

--On Saturday, Feb 28, we put the house up on Craig's List to rent.
--On Sunday, one family came by to look.
--On Monday, two more people came by... and both of them wanted the house. on Monday night, we read up on how to check credit, and we wrote a rental agreement.
--On Tuesday, we did credit checks and looked made a list of all the things we needed to do on our house, and started looking for a place to go.
--On Wednesday, we called references, made a decision, and let the family know they could move in soon.
--Thursday, Friday... packing, cleaning, fixing
--Saturday... packing, cleaning, fixing, Jeremy's parents visiting
--Sunday, Monday, Tuesday... packing, cleaning, fixing. Dinners with people, small group. Tuesday night was our last night in our home.
--On Wednesday, we loaded the truck. And got permission to bring my cousin Grace up with us to help. And spent the night at my mom's house.
--On Thursday, we drove south to visit Yaya (Jeremy's grandmother).
--On Friday, we said goodbyes and drove north. We added about 3.5 hours onto the normal drive time because of having a big truck and a potty training boy. We finally pulled in to our Middle House at 8:30pm, put the boys to bed, and unloaded the entire truck with the help of Jeremy's friend Ryan and my cousin Chris.
--On Saturday, two weeks after we listed the house, we began digging ourselves out of the boxes, trying to put things away, and make for ourselves a Middle House that feels like home, for the time it is our home.
--And on Sunday, we went to church. The church we moved up here for. It was good.

We call it the Middle House because we're renting this small townhouse by the month while we look for another place - a real home - to buy. This way, we can make sure we like the place we land.

Grace has been invaluable. Everybody should have a Grace.

The Middle House is, well, interesting. I'll post pictures and stories when I get it put together enough. Suffice it to say that the backyard opens up to the playground (good) and most of the appliances don't work (bad).

So - we're here, we're doing well, and we don't have internet access yet. I'm at Panera, loving hot chocolate and quiet. But it's time to head back to the Middle House and get back to work!


Rachel said...

Oh yes, everyone definitely should have a Grace. I love mine. Who is the same as yours.

Phyllis said...

I'm glad to hear that you made it! We're praying for your transition.

Mrs R said...

The hole you leave here is huge, but we delight to know that you have begun your ministry there.

Kristen said...

Give us a call when you feel settled...we'd love to hang out with you...or even babysit when you go house hunting! Glad you are here. -Kristen & Pete

Glenna said...

I miss you guys! (and Bible study) sorry Bekah still hasn't won the lottery so we can't come up. ;p i pray you settle in safely!

Christopher Ryan said...

Congrats on your move to your new adventure! We're very familiar with the Middle House phenomenon, so we can certainly empathize! We're praying that God opens new and exciting doors to ministry for the you there, and that you are blessed with an amazing new community of supportive believers! Hugs and love from Hamburg! Give the nephews kisses for us!