Monday, April 20, 2009

Theology, By Iain

"Jesus, I really want to follow You and do good things. God, I really want to follow God and do what is good things. Beetle battle, fox in socks."

"Jesus is in my life. Taking care of me. He gives me food, and toys, and this house, and KETCHUP! And the Bible. And cats and dogs, too. And chips and mustard. And dose drinks."

Iain: God gives us WISDOM!
Me: What is wisdom, Iain?
Iain: It is praying about the good things. And the bad things, too.


Mrs said...

I knew it. I knew the Beetle Battle was in there somewhere!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a cute blog. This is my first visit and will be back often. Hope you will drop by and visit me.

Deb Dereshkevich said...

Too cute!! So glad you are faithful with your blog! It is so great to keep in touch this way. Really liked your last post, too. Very informative and a good explanation of a difficult subject.

Anonymous said...

I miss all the things this funny, thoughtful, creative boy says. Come visit soon!