Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Remember this? One of my first real conversations with Iain? Well tonight, I had my first real one with Cory and it was absolutely adorable! It went something like a-this:

Cory, holding a pepperoni in his chubby little fist: Peppah!
Me: Do you like pepperoni?
Cory: (nodding with those big, brown, soulful eyes staring at me seriously) Ggmmmhh! (remember I told you he's tonal? This is the best way to write out the way he says "cheese." It's in the back of his throat and very high-pitched and excited.)
Me: You like cheese too? What else do you like?
Cory: uuh-wah! (rocks. Really, that's what it means.)
Me: Rocks? And what else do you like?
Cory: PAH!!
Me: (not understanding. Trying to remember the translation for this particular baby-word. Knowing I have heard the word before...oh, what does it mean? This is like trying to remember vocabulary for quizzes in Spanish or French.) Um, pepperoni? You like pepperoni?
Cory: (nodding seriously) PAH!!! (obviously, he does like pepperoni, but that wasn't what he was trying to say.)
Me: What do you mean, Cory?
Cory: (twisting around, pointing at the backyard - and the park out behind the backyard) PAH!!!!
Me: Oh, the park! You like the park, Cory?
Cory: uh-yah. (yes. And more nodding.)

Seriously, seriously adorable.

And here's an Iain-ism for you: tonight, we made a delicious chocolate cake from scratch. I know, aren't you proud? Iain helped make it and waited impatiently for it to be done. Cory was fussing as we mixed it, and Iain said to him, "It's okay, Cory. Cake will make you feel better." Then later, he said to Jeremy, "I want to eat the cake. If you let me eat the cake, I will eat the whole thing."


Anonymous said...

I love this! Thanks for posting

:) Nona

Mrs said...

You and me both, Iain. You and me both.

Phyllis said...

Asya is at about the same point verbally. I don't remember my other babies having so many words that sound nothing like what they mean. It is like a foreign language!

Shannon said...

Hehe at least he's honest with himself about that cake! ;)

Christopher Ryan said...

This is too cute - your boys are adorable, and we miss them (you guys too, of course ;) Hope your reading addiction leads to some interesting/insightful/helpful information! Give the boys hugs for us!