Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Park, Party, Pool!

Lots of pictures today, few words. I'm chatting with Jenna as I upload. Enjoy!

A morning at the park:

Our church had an invite-a-friend cookout and school's out party.

Jeremy participated in the sack race! The boys stood on the side and watched, with Cory yelling "Hop! Hop!" and trying his best to get his feet off the ground. Jeremy' team, unfortunately, lost miserably.

Iain's first time getting his face painted. He asked for B - I - G (he spelled it out). And a cow on his hand.

The ponies were fun! The boys LOVED brushing them especially. Iain rode one and enjoyed it, but he wouldn't do it again when they offered.

Today we went to the pool with some friends. Iain had a blast! (And this after spending the morning whining and telling me how he didn't like swimming and wouldn't go. Ha!) Cory was cautious but enjoyed himself pretty well.

Doesn't Iain look tall and skinny?

I love Cory's face in this one!


Mrs said...

You need to add "Pony" to your alliteration!

(We love Cory's face, too! Really miss those boys!)

Allie said...

Well, the pony was at the party, so I figured it was covered. :)

Shannon said...

That reminds me of the pony you guys had when you lived near the lake growing up. Remember? I can't remember his name for the life of me, but I clearly remember him. ;) That lake house was cool. Good memories.

Allie said...

I agree - good memories! His name was Dandy.