Monday, August 24, 2009

Home Study, Part One

We had our first adoption home study meeting today, and despite my extreme case of butterflies in the stomach, it went well. We have two more meetings with our social worker, and a lot of paperwork to do in between. The biggest thing is the Personal Profile: 16 pages of questions about your personality, strengths and weaknesses, childhood, marriage, finances, parenting, etc. It's a lot. She told us it would take a few weeks; however, we are very motivated to get this stuff done! Give us a week, I say. :)

We also have to work on fingerprints, background checks, and - the most time-consuming one, potentially - background checks from Child Protective Services for all counties we've lived in since age 18. That will be two FL and two GA for me, and FOUR FL and two GA for Jeremy. So while on our end, the process is short, apparently this step is notorious for taking forever. We're praying for speed and favor!

And the to-do list goes on and on and on.

BUT. In the meantime, we daydream about our daughter and talk about names, and can't wait to meet her! I found the blog of a family adopting from Rwanda - they're about to go get their two adorable daughters (ages 2 and 15 months). Oh to be in their shoes! It's kind of like holding a newborn when you're in the middle of morning sickness: seeing those pictures reminds me that there is an end to the process and it is a new baby in our arms!

* * *

While Jeremy is working hard to pay the bills and I am painting and paper-working like there's no tomorrow, here is how the boys like to spend their time:

Cory balances bottles of "dip."

Iain hangs out in the entryway, watching me paint high above.


Mrs said...

I know this doesn't really need saying after a wonderful post like this, but it will be worth it!

Praying for all of you, and your daughter, too!

julieamazed said...

Congratulations!! Adoption has always been on my heart and it is something Jason and I are planning for down the road. I can't wait to hear more as the process unfolds. She is going to be one blessed and loved little girl.

Adrianne Thompson said...

Allie: great to "meet" you. I look forward to following your story and walking this journey together!

Vincents said...

glad you found our blog! even more glad that you are getting rolling on your adoption process. the paperchasing really is the worst part! :) (and the wait between paperchasing!) feel free to email if you have questions:

Christopher Ryan said...

We're SO excited for you guys! Keep the updates coming and we'll keep the prayers flowing! Tell Jeremy and the boys hello from us!

Shannon said...

Yeah for painting! I know how that was bugging you! =)

I'm so excited to hear that the ball is rolling on your adoption process! Just think of all this work as the morning sickness part of your "pregnancy" and it WILL end, well before you are holding your daughter in your arms this time! ;) Praying for you!!