Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Boy

He says the funniest things lately. Like this "tory" he told us in the car yesterday:
Cory: I found a mouse and I was petting him but then he turned mean and I runned and runned into the house so Jesus could protect me.

Cory to Mama: How many are you? Do you have a number? (translation: How old are you?)

Yesterday at play group, Cory said to his friends who wanted to go outside: "I will go with you in case a moose wants to scare you."

He embodies several Proverbs lately: 
"The sluggard buries his hand in the dish and will not even bring it back to his mouth." Prov 10:24
The Cory version (at dinner last night when he didn't want to eat by himself, though he is perfectly able to do so): Mama, will you help me take bites? I'm too tired!

Prov 22:13 "The sluggard says, 'There is a lion outside! I shall be killed in the streets!'"
The Cory version:
Me: Cory, go pick up your toys in the living room now.
Cory: (wailing) I can't! The moose might bite me!

This boy also gave us quite a scare last Wednesday. I was at a writers' group meeting, and Jeremy and the boys were playing on the trampoline. Cory came down wrong on his little knee and really hurt it. Jeremy called me, and I raced out of there so fast that the group leader was still in the middle of a sentence. We took the poor little guy to urgent care, and they x-rayed his knee. Thankfully, it wasn't fractured. It was swollen and very sore - maybe a sprain? And he didn't walk on it for two days. He just crawled and scooted around, and asked me to put him various places. But what a little trooper! By the third day, he was taking a few limping steps (and grinning when he did, saying, "Look! I know how to walk!"), and now, eight days later, he's almost back to 100%. He still limps a little and doesn't jump much (which for him is a big deal!), but man, what a speedy recovery. So our first urgent care trip for one of our kids ended happily.

(Here's Tiny Tim the day after his injury. He and Iain played so nicely and quietly all day - it was really relaxing! But he pretty much laid around the whole time.)

Have I mentioned Cory's very logical mind? Here are some examples of his brain at work.

Today, Haylee came through on her way from TN to FL (we love being in the middle!). She and Cory had a funny conversation:
Haylee: You're a nut!
Cory: No, you're a nut! We are the squirrels. Squirrels eat nuts, so we eat you!

Me: (as we drove in the car) Hold on, Cory!
Cory: But I don't need to hold on.
Me: Well, what if I stop? You might fall. (I know he won't fall when he's buckled in his carseat, but I was trying to explain my reason for telling him to hold on. It's a reflex to say that sometimes - maybe that's what I should have said.)
Cory: But I don't fall when you stop and I don't fall when you go. So I don't fall anytime. So I don't need to hold on.
Me: (oh, the constant debating with this boy!) Okay, Cory. You won't fall.
Cory: See? You were wrong, and I was right.
Sassy boy.


Teresa Dawn said...

Too cute! I take it you have moose around there?

Christopher Ryan said...

What an adorable little personality Master Cory has developed! We're very glad his knee is better.