Friday, July 02, 2010

What Else Can the Baby Not Do?

We had a delightfully funny conversation just now as we all piled on the bed and snuggled. Iain asked some question, to which the answer was no. He thoughtfully said, "When I grow up and I am a daddy and I have a girl to be my mom (he meant wife), I will have babies and when they ask questions, I will never say no."
"What if the baby wants to touch a hot stove?" I asked.
"No," Iain said with a sheepish laugh.
"What if the baby wants to go run into the road?"
"No," he replied again.
Now Cory was getting into it, too: "What else can the baby not do?"
"What if the baby wants to climb onto the roof?"
"What if the baby wants to eat so much ice cream that his tummy hurts?"
"What if the baby tries to go into the woods with someone who is eleven?" (that one was from Iain)
And on and on it went, with Cory interjecting every few moments, "What else can the baby not do?"
Some of the situations were real head-scratchers: What if the baby wants to watch movies all day? Cory thought for a while and eventually said no. Iain said, "I would let the baby watch movies all day, but if there were scary parts, I would block his face."
What if the baby wants to jump on everything? Iain's reply, "Not volcanoes."
"What if the baby wanted to eat four bags of cheetoes?" asked Jeremy.
"I would let him eat one snack of cheetoes," Iain responded very seriously. Cory agreed.
When we ran out of things the baby can't do, Iain said, "I'll give you some options," and proceeded to come up with some other funny ones. Each was considered and discussed and usually vetoed. So much for never saying no. 

Cory also said when he grew into a daddy, he would help change diapers. Iain said that he'd say no. "Yuck," he added.

What a funny way to spend the evening.


agable said...

So fun!

Mrs said...

Funny, and delightful! A first look at the stupidity of moral relativism. =D

Teresa Dawn said...

Haha I love it.

So Jumping on anything that is not a volcano is okay?

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

What a precious family you have! I'm an old pal of Samantha Bell's and found you through a link from our mutual friend, Heidi. Congratulations on the decision to adopt the little girl from Rwanda. I will be praying for God's hand to continue to be in this process, and to bless your family as you go through it. :)

Hugs from Paraguay,
Christie Hagerman

Shannon said...

Love it! Can't wait to hear your take on your retreat (over the phone will do just fine. ;).

julieamazed said...

Your stories have me looking forward to raising kids so much! Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful and sweet story.

Christopher Ryan said...

HAHA! Loved the family "just say no" talk!