Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Long Summer Days

We are really enjoying our summer!

--The boys have become fascinated with bears. Hence the two pictures below.

--Grammy and Papa came to visit, baked with the boys, and painted the kitchen blue.

-- play time, craft time, silly time...

--Iain loves playing card games. He knows war and go fish. It helped his learn his numbers, and he knows which numbers are higher or lower than others.

--We went to Orlando for almost a week, and Jeremy and I spent our first weekend away from the boys at a FamilyLife Marriage conference, which was incredible. (My mom kept the boys.)

--lots of reading time. On the "reading boat" or on the couch.

--Silly boy with a sweet smile savoring summer.


agable said...

so fun!

Teresa Dawn said...

Great pictures :) They really capture his personality :) Glad to see you're enjoying summer

Shannon said...

I have a cute pic of the boys swinging from your last visit. If you'd like a copy, see if you can't just drag it off by blog onto your desktop. It was a few posts back.

Christopher Ryan said...

Oh, I remember painting with Jeremy's folks!!! Fun memories! P.S. Cory has a Schweitzer face in that last pic, if I ever saw one! Wow! Hope to see you all soon!