Monday, July 26, 2010

Pictures for Nona

My mom has requested her "grandson fix," so in her honour, some pictures:

Iain and Isaiah at Cow Appreciation Day:
Jenna and her new ergo. She's standing in front of those sticks I have on the wall; it's not her hair sticking out. :) Look at my cute nephew!

Hopscotch on the back deck:

My, what a handsome fellow.

Early July found us at the boys' first movie ever: Veggie Tales' The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. Liz and Penny joined us, though Penny didn't last too long. It was a valiant effort. At Jeremy's request, I bought them popcorn, but they didn't eat much of it (the three of us couldn't even finish the kid-sized portion). Cory sat on my lap for most of the movie and loved it; he kep asking, "What is going to happen next?" Iain, my very visual child, was a bit scared but bravely stuck it out, burrowing his face into my side occasionally. Cory loved "the yellin' cheetos" and Iain favored the Rock Monsters.

Silly Cory:

Silly Iain's pose when I told him I was going to put pictures on the blog for Nona:

The boys have been asking for ages to ride the train at the mall. We decided that when the baby sister came home, we'd do it to celebrate. But we needed something to keep up morale around here one day, so we decided we will go again when the baby sister comes home.

They loved the train ride. Cory sang "I am a conductor riding a train" half the time. They had to sit in the caboose, of course. They waved to everyone we passed and told people they couldn't keep up with us. Liz and Penny joined us for this adventure, too - we are so glad to have them along on these adventures!

After the train ride, the boys played in the mall play place. Fearless Cory just jumped and jumped off everything the whole time.

Look at that grin!


annie said...

Hooray for pictures!

We participated in dress-like-a-cow day this year, too. :) And free movie day at the local theater, except we went to see Charlotte's Web. Isabel did NOT like the talking animals, so we didn't make it all the way through. We have The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything on DVD, but she doesn't like that, either. Too scary, she says. Maybe she's a visual child, too? :)

We love our Ergo! They're very comfortable. I love the train ride. Cory and Iain are indeed handsome (and hilarious) fellows!

Nona said...

I second you, Annie. Hooray for pictures!! I sure do miss those young lads.

Jessica Leigh said...

Handsome little men, indeed!
And Isaiah is getting SO BIG!

Teresa Dawn said...

They are just so cute!