Monday, August 02, 2010

The Bells' Visit

The Bells came to visit the week before last. Well, I say they came to visit. Really, they came to go to Six Flags, and I made them stay to visit. :)

They spent Friday at Six Flags, returning tired and wet, with maps for my boys to pore over (and they have), and descriptions of the fun rides (enough to make Iain ask me almost daily when we will get to go).

Saturday, we went to the lake. It was so hot, but fun.

We hit up the 49 cent sodas/slushies at the QT that afternoon. Look how much Iain and Luke look alike.
Saturday night, Aunt Sam and I went to Sips n Strokes (my second time--so much fun!). This time was much harder than last time. I think it allowed for more artistic freedom, which translates into a more difficult project to pull off. Plus I was sitting next to a real, published artist. Intimidating! We both liked our finished paintings. Mine will hang in the baby's room.

It was great fun to have the Bells visit, especially for the boys. They love, love, love their cousins (even though they are really my cousins!). What fun for them to grow up with such cool family members. :)


Teresa Dawn said...

Looks like fun!

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