Saturday, August 28, 2010

What Would You Do...

When we moved from FL to GA, one of the people it was hard to leave behind was my friend Lauren. Lauren and her family live within walking distance of our old house. Her son Noah is six weeks older than Iain. Her husband Pete plays piano (and does lots of other stuff) at the church we went to in Florida (something we didn't know when we first met--that we went to the same church!).

Lauren and I have done our kids' birthdays together, made them their first Christmas stockings, spent long hot summer days hiding in the air conditioning and talking over the din our offspring created. We worked together to put on the first Conversations, a gathering for woman at our church. We read books recommended by each other, and then talk about them (again, over a certain din). I was at Lauren's house when we found out we were accepted into the Rwanda program. She wrote some of our recommendation letters for us, for the home study and for grants we were trying to get. More recently, when we return to FL for a visit, Lauren and I have hit up Starbucks or Steak n Shake to talk about intentional mothering, and writing. Yes, she's a writer, too. 

As you can see, this dear friend means a lot to me! 

And now I have a chance to help her with something pretty major: Lauren made this really great video for a contest. She's currently in first place with this video, and the prize is... are you ready for this?... she and Pete would have their mortgage paid for an entire year! 

This is one of those vote-for-your-favorite contests, and the end is Tuesday. I would love-love-love for them to win this. (Normally, I wouldn't use this blog to ask for a favor like this... but for my dear friend Lauren, it is totally worth it.)

So will you please consider taking a moment to vote for their video? Do it in honor of a good friend you have, near or far. If your friend was about to win this great prize and needed more votes, you'd do it for sure! And, as a bonus, if you vote (you have to register with them, but that's no big deal--really!), they enter you in a drawing to have your mortgage paid for a year too!

To vote, you can go to this web site, and choose the video that is second to the left (the Week Two video): Memories From Scratch. I promise that you'll enjoy watching it. Even from an unbiased opinion, it's the best one on there.

If you want to read Lauren's post about the contest, click here.  You can click here to read her guest post about the contest on another blog. And feel free to spread the word! Let's get these good people some house payments! :)

And just for fun, leave a comment and tell me what YOU would do, if you had your mortgage paid for a year!


Shannon said...

Make some much needed repairs on our home, help out my parents a little, buy myself some shorts and a pair of flip flops, some school supplies that go in the "that would be fun but not necessary" category and give the rest to you so your adoption was paid off! It sounds like I'm sucking up, but I'm not. Really.
Love, Shae

Lauren said...

Oh Allie, those pictures almost made me cry! Look how young our boys were! So many good memories. Thanks for spreading the word, my friend! And MANY THANKS to everyone who votes! If we win, I just might have to hop a plane to Georgia! :-)

Allie said...

Oh man, now I want you to win even more!! And thanks, Shae. Really. :)