Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baseball Fever

We went to our first Braves game a few weeks ago. We're officially Atlantanites. Altantonians? Atlantites? Anyway. It was so much fun! We contemplated leaving the boys at home with a babysitter, since the game didn't start until 7, and they go to bed at 7:30. But we threw bedtime caution to the wind and we are so glad we did. 

Because baseball fever has struck the house.

The Braves beat the Mets 9-3. We did not stay until the very end of the game (we're not that crazy), but we did stay until 9:30 and the, what, sixth inning?

This boy loved it. 

We started the night off right with a trip to Walmart to get Braves shirts for the boys. We ate hot dogs and pizza there more for the experience than because we thought it would be so tasty. It was pretty gross. Later, we saw a guy eat a huge praying mantis because people were egging him on. That was way grosser.

Cory mostly played with a little action figure of the Human Torch that someone gave him at McDonald's the other day. But every time they'd play any cheer, clap, or song over the loudspeakers, he'd jump in and participate. He said that was his favorite part.

Iain sat on Jeremy's lap for most of the time and Jeremy narrated the game for him. Both boys got very excited when someone broke a bat. And Iain said "I am so impressed that they can hit the ball so high!"

Back on the homefront, baseball fever continues. Come to visit us, like Nan did, and you're likely to be recruited as a pitcher. Iain always wears a helmet, like the real baseball players did.

Cory's swing is more of a chop. Can be one-handed, or two. And then he chases the ball and whacks it when it's on the ground, to make it hop.

Love this face!

And this one!

Look at the dimple.

What good form this boy has.

Cracks me up.

Daddy gets in on the fun.

Grammy and Papa came to visit next, and of course, Iain asked them to play baseball with him.

They showed Iain some techniques.

Oh my goodness. What an adorable boy in overalls with his bat. I love it.

Quite possibly my new favorite Iain picture.

Cory attempts to "stick his bottom out" like Iain was doing.

Iain demonstrates:

Papa assists:

I have no idea what Cory was doing in this one, but Iain just hit a homer! 
Good times, good times. Batter up!


Lauren said...

I love the pictures---and your bangs! You look mahvalous!!

Adam said...

It's Atlantans! :) I used to be a one a long long time ago. Maybe God will bless me with the chance to be one again. You all look great.

Mike said...

And it's great eye-hand coordination!