Thursday, August 19, 2010

What Did We Do?

It was Cory's idea. He and Iain talked about it and decided they wanted to do it. I told them we couldn't put it back. I asked if they were sure. I made them wait until after naptime, just to make sure they wouldn't change their minds. Then I said...okay...

Cory was all for it until the last minute. Then he made Iain go first. Iain was thrilled. He absolutely grinned the whole time. He said it tickled.

Then came Cory. He was sleepy. He didn't like the process as much as Iain did, but he liked the results equally well.

Jeremy did most of Iain and came up from his office basement room to help me with Cory as well. He promised them treats for sitting still.
I have to admit, I shed a tear or two as Iain's long hair came off.  They look so different, and I miss their "surfer hair." But now we can see their handsome faces better. I never realized how much Iain uses his eyebrows when he talks - he's constantly moving them! And Cory's big brown eyes look even bigger and browner. They are very happy with their short hair, and I'm sure it's much cooler in the summer. Iain says, "I like it! We just like it because we both have the same hair." Cory says, "Good. I like it. That's all."


Alison McLennan said...

Oh, Allie, they are SO adorable. I know exactly how you felt. The first time I buzzed Liam's blond curls earlier this summer, I wanted to weep. He looked so cute and so grown up at the same time. Part of me loved it, and part of me wanted him to be a baby again. Ah, the bittersweetness of watching your babes grow.

agable said...

They look so cute, Allie! I can't bear to think about the day Logan will need his first haircut, it makes me cry just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

everyone needs a good summer haircut once in a while. Zubin is due.

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