Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fourth of July--Laina's First!

We celebrated the Fourth of July this year by going to the Marietta Parade. As parades go, it was kind of lame. Mostly it was businesses who rode in cars and waved out their windows. Not many floats or marching bands. Our favorite part was the Cobb County librarians who pushed decorated library carts in front of them and spun them in unison. They were funny. And yes, we are nerds.

Iain LOVED the parade. Jeremy said that that boy belongs in parades, and he's right. Iain waved his flag, yelled, "Happy Fourth of July!" and jumped around to his heart's content.

Cory watched and wilted in the heat.

Laina was very interested in the goings-on. She didn't mind the loud music or sirens, but she hated it when the motorcycles revved their engines. She dove into me and hid every time.

My cousin Cassie was staying with us for a few days and came too--she and I hit up the QT for the 59 cent sodas before hand, so we were good. :)
We tried to get some good family pictures. We got some family pictures:

Then we headed home to cool off and make some pinwheels, and build with blocks.
sweetest smile ever!

Iain drew a soldier fighting for our country. Then he made his pirate face for the photo.

He drew Superman too, which I loved. Look at his cape and his S! :)

Cory was very proud of his tower.

The Burtons came over for dinner and Jeremy cooked out. We didn't do fireworks (they didn't start until 9pm), but we were treated to quite a storm and lightning show. All in all, it was a fun day, and made sweeter by the fact that our youngest is a new American citizen and that this was our first holiday to celebrate with her.

July 4th is also Rwanda's Liberation Day, the day the Rwandan Patriotic Front entered Kigali and brought the 1994 genocide to an end. So it's a doubly important day around our house.

Happy Independence Day, America! Happy Liberation Day, Rwanda!

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Erin said...

That's so cool that they land on the same day.