Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Laina Belle!

Today our sweet baby girl turns one. She is a beautiful, delightful, funny, animated, wacky, opinionated little thing. In the past eight weeks since we have been home with Laina, she has learned to sit, scoot, crawl, pull up, sign "more" and "all done" and today, she said her first two words! Two words! On her birthday! She's brilliant! :) She says "off" (we were playing with the light switch) and "uh-oh," which is the cutest thing ever. (I've called her Laina Belle since we named her--not sure why, but apparently I do it too much because Iain told the UPS guy that Belle was her middle name.)

We had Laina's birthday party on Saturday (pictures to come!), so today we had a low-key, sweet day with the birthday girl. The kiddos wrestled on pillows and played silly games all morning.
Isaiah came over after lunch and all four played with Laina's new water table (a gift from Nona). Look at that little girl stand! (She's rockin' her "1" onesie and floweredy jeans, too!)
(tut-tut! Looks like rain!)

This evening, we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and the boys and Laina played in the play place. Then it was home and to bed for all people in this house ages four, three, and one. It was a nice birthday: family-full and fun.

We lit a candle in honor of Laina's birth family, too. I couldn't get them off my mind today, especially her birth mother. I wonder if she spent the day thinking of her baby girl?

Laina, you are so loved. We loved you not only before we met you, but even before you were born. We started getting ready to adopt you over a year before you took your first breath of Rwandan air. This time last year, when you were born, we were planning one of our many garage sales to bring you home--fighting for you from across the sea.

You are a blessing to us, Laina. We are proud of you, and so glad you are ours. Happy birthday, sweet girl.


Mrs said...

Happy, happy birthday, Sweet One! You're so amazing, Little Miss Motor Activity. I'm so happy to have a small peek at your life to celebrate your milestones!

You are dearly loved and prayed for, Honey! Happy Birthday!

Adrienne said...

Oh Sweet Laina! Happy special day to you!! We love you and your parents so much! I spent some time thinking of your birth family too, and think it is just beautiful that your momma and pappa lit a candle for them. You are precious Laina! Happy first Birthday!! (Addy sends her love and congrats for those two words you said today!)

Erin said...

So happy for you guys. We bring you guys dinner and she can't even stand in her bouncer and now look at her!! You go Laina. Happy 1st Birthday!!

Christopher Ryan said...

Yay "Play Plassssss!". Happy Birthday, Laina! We can hardly wait to meet you in person! :)

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! What a blessing she is. :)

s i d. said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! I just love her! Happy birthday beautiful Laina! We canNOT wait to meet you! Miss you Brannons so much!
My mom is here with me in Germany and wants you to know how much she enjoys your updates. I'm sure my Mom-in-law will love this one too:)


julieamazed said...

Happy Birthday to Miss Laina Belle (Kate) Brannon!! I hope I can meet her one day soon (and see the fabulous Brannon Bunch again). It brings me so much joy to hear about all the things she is doing. Praise God for sending Laina to you.