Saturday, December 10, 2011


...but not in a bad way. Thanksgiving--with all three of my children. Uganda. Advent now, waiting for the blessing of the One who came. Christmas--Laina's first with us. Changes coming for us--good ones. So much to think about, process, be thankful for. Where do I start?

Two years ago, we spent Thanksgiving with my family in the mountains of Tennessee. I wrote about it here. It was the first holiday after we started our adoption journey, and I spent the time very aware that someone was missing from our holiday celebration (little did I know that she hadn't even been born yet). We were still thinking we'd be home with our baby by the next summertime. Over that Thanksgiving, many families were in Rwanda bringing home their babies, and I took my laptop to the one room with internet once a day or so to read their stories and cry at their pictures. That will be us soon. It wasn't soon. But this Thanksgiving, it was us. I was aware of it as we drove to Jeremy's aunt and uncle's houseboat (yes, we had Thanksgiving dinner on a houseboat. How cool is that?), and I thought about it as I fed Laina her first bites of turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. (She liked it all!)
So this Thanksgiving, my gratitude overflowed. I am so thankful for Jeremy, Iain, Cory, and Laina. I'm thankful for this life we're building as we try to follow Jesus wherever He leads. I'm thankful that following Him led us to Rwanda and back. I'm thankful that Laina's birth mother chose life for her. I'm thankful for how having a little sister, an answer to their prayers, has changed my boys for the better. I'm thankful that God's plan for our family included these three, precious children. And I'm thankful that I get to do family, life, and love with my best friend. This year, Laina had a family to celebrate with. And we had her, and each other. It was a good Thanksgiving.

And, the boys got to drive the boat. I mean, how can you beat that?

Grammy and Papa stayed with us for Thanksgiving. Iain read a book to Papa for the first time. So proud of him!

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Papa said...

I was proudn of Iain too. he reads very well. Iain, you have only begun to discover the joys that can be yours through books. Keep it up. Your brother and sister are coming along right behind you and will love reading too. Papa