Friday, December 23, 2011

Trimming the Tree

Our Christmas decorating was kept to a minimum this year. The tree, some lights, our nativity, stockings, and the Jesse Tree, and that's about it. I try, but I am just not much of a holiday decorator. But the kids were happy with what we did, so I'm good with that. Darn Pinterest. :)

The boys and I put up the tree while Laina was napping, but she got up just in time to help decorate it. After watching us for a few minutes ("What are these crazy people doing??"), she jumped in. She'd walk across the room to where I was unwrapping the ornaments, and when I'd hand her one, she'd toddle back over to the tree and put it in the same place. Each ornament. In one pile. Adorable. :)

The boys had a great time remembering the ornaments from last year, and talking about their favorites. I just kept remembering putting up last year's tree and being sad that my daughter was still on the other side of the ocean, when we thought she'd be home. Now she's here and smiley, enjoying her first taste of family Christmas fun.

Side note to the families still waiting: you are on my heart during this season. I know how hard it is. May the peace of Christ fill your heart.

We started another fun tradition this year. We got the kids in their pjs (I'll be so sad when they outgrow footies--so cute!), loaded into the car, and went to see Christmas lights. Jeremy and I actually got some uninterrupted time to talk while we drove. And everyone was happy.
(silly kids before we went to see the lights)
Merry Christmas!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Love all that simple sweetness. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I was given a pair of Eeyore footie PJs this year, so I don't think one ever gets too old for that cozy garb.