Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Tonight as I was putting the boys down to sleep, they started asking about heaven. We talk about heaven a lot in this house, but tonight I got some interesting thoughts from them. I told them to think of their favorite place, and that heaven was better than that.

Iain: I would like to have a peaceful, quiet place. Like a garden, with fruit trees. And there wouldn't be any troubles. There would just be one trouble: the grass grows too high.

Cory: I have three. First is Panda (Panda Express, the Chinese restaurant). Next is the zoo. And last is a place all by myself where I can talk and no one would be there b'sept me.
Me: What would you talk about?
Cory: I would rest because I would be so talked out.
Me: But what would you say if no one was there to listen?
Cory: I don't know. And I would like to be in the garden with Iain. And we'd each have a home there, with a grass floor. And a weed. And the weed would grow and grow.

Then I was singing A Mighty Fortress is Our God (love that hymn). We got to the line, "And He must win the battle," and Cory asked who must win the battle?
Me: Jesus.
Cory: What if He doesn't?
Me: He will, because He's God. He's the strongest.
Cory: But what if someone kills Him? Then that would be okay because He already died!
Me: And then what happened?
Cory: He rose from the dead.
Me: And He will never die again.
Cory: But what if He's sleeping and someone kills Him?
Me: Well, the Bible says Jesus never sleeps and never gets tired.
Cory: Will we get tired when we are in heaven?
Me: I don't know. I kind of hope so because I like to sleep!
Iain: But there's no night there, y'know.
Cory: Maybe Jesus will change you so you don't like to sleep.

I love those boys. Bedtime can be fun. Although it ended with me saying, "Stop doing headstands, Cory, and go to sleep!"

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Papa said...

Thanks so much for sharing these conversations. Jesus treasures them also.