Thursday, June 07, 2012

Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is ten days away, and if you're still looking for a gift, may I suggest our latest adoption fund-raiser?

For $5.00, you'll receive this DIY printable pdf file. (Yours will come without the handprints, of course.)

It will help you make a sweet keepsake, while supporting the cause of a baby girl finding her father. This guy here. He's a good one. She'll be lucky to have him as her dad.

Order the pdf and print the file from your printer at home. You could also take the file somewhere like Staples and get it printed bigger if you want. I printed on drawing paper, but regular printer paper or card stock would work too.

Then have your kids make leaf handprints. I used acrylic paint for these. Frame and you're done! (I think I should have used a thinner mat.) Kids could also write their names near their handprints, or notes for Dad.

Also, the text is totally customizable. Tell me in the paypal notes or via email what you want it to say: your kids' names, a quote, a Scripture verse. Here are some ideas:
(says "Together we make a family")

(kids' names)

(the classic "Happy Father's Day")

And there you have it. A sweet, easy, special DIY Father's Day craft. Pinterest would be proud.

--Click the "Chip In" button on the right.
--In the notes field, tell me what you want your text to say (or send me an email at brannonadoption (at) gmail (dot) com.
--make sure the email address is the one you want me to send the pdf to, or let me know via email if you want it send somewhere else.
--print, paint, frame, enjoy!


Jeremy said...

In all the hustle and bustle I hope I still get one :)

jill m. said...

love this!!

Adrienne said...

oh I LOVE this!!!!

Adrienne said...
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