Thursday, May 31, 2012

Since We've Been Away...

Since the last blog post, we have:

--gone camping, and survived, though Iain threw up twice. Not our best camping trip.

--had our profile shown once.

--almost finished school. One more week!

--celebrated Jeremy's birthday with burgers, banana pudding, Nero Wolfe, and the kids' present to him: a stuffed Timmy from Shaun the Sheep (they were so incredibly excited to give him this stuffed sheep. It was hilarious.).

--gone to FL and back (Jeremy had a training for work and we went along). Rode go-carts and went to the beach. And a really great splash pad.

--given Laina an Adoption Day gift, which she loves. It's hanging in her room and she points to it and says, "Laina, Mama's hand, Anna." Anna is Laina's doll. :) (Painting is from this Etsy shop. It's so sweet.)

--tried a new hairstyle. I think it's cute. Jeremy, not quite so much.
 --laughed at these silly friends.

 --adored Laina's new "sleepy hat."

--made 14 new Bird's Nest Necklaces! (We're still making them, if you want to order one. Click here for details.)

--reached $2000 in our Piece by Piece fundraiser. Thank you all!! (If you want to chip in, click "chip in" on the left!)

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Adrienne said...

WOW! You have been one busy family! I cant wait to check out the post for the picture. That is sooo sweet.