Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Guest post by Jeremy

So I am commandeering the blog for a special Mother’s Day edition of Notes in the Margins. I have never blogged before, but my wife Allie really is worth celebrating! This year has been an especially big one for Allie as a mom. She wouldn’t go on and on about her achievements, but I sure would. This past year she:
  • officially started homeschooling our two boys (although she began teaching them to read in previous years)
  • began life as an adoptive mom with the arrival of Laina
  • visited Uganda to help her sister Kelsey minister to orphans with Sixty Feet
  • worked tirelessly to provide a great Kids curriculum for the K-5 Children’s ministry
  • blasted through mounds of paperwork to get us paper-ready for our latest (domestic) adoption
  • initiated the fundraising efforts for our latest adoption, including making over fifty necklaces and collaborating on our Piece by Piece fundraiser
  • maintained this excellent blog
  • took part in teaching our church’s ladies on topics ranging from homemaking to Christian community
…All this plus entertaining guests, caring for the many needs of our three kids, and making our home a great place to live. Whew! I’m getting tired just thinking about it all.
Based on my (very) limited experience subbing in for her, I can tell you that just the homemaking and kid-care is an exhausting endeavor. In recognition of that, our Mother’s Day 2012 began by letting Allie sleep in. While Allie snoozed peacefully, a team of skilled artisans flexed their creative muscles creating cards of unparalleled beauty…

When the special lady awoke and had a little while to get her bearings, we went out on an errand, then took her out for a very special luncheon at Panera Bread.
Normally, Allie enjoys getting to go to Panera alone to do some writing (creative or otherwise), but it has also become one of the preferred destinations for Mother/Son dates. The boys often rave (well, they rave all the time—they are loons) about their trips to Panera, so we decided it was about time the whole tribe invaded her peaceful haunt for a special celebration.

Our crack team of craftsmen presented their cards. Food was savored. Heartfelt thanks were extended to the lady of the hour. Gifts were given. And let’s just say that between Allie’s mom and us, Lisa Leonard Designs did quite well this Mother’s Day :)

Finally, I have to say that Allie is an amazing mom. She listens to our kids, plans special outings and celebrations with them, spends hours poring over homeschooling curriculum, sings them silly songs at night as they go to bed (including “Winter Wonderland” year-round!), celebrates their achievements, corrects their transgressions, holds them when they are hurt or weary or just plain need a snuggle, and teaches them about Jesus through the Bible. Basically, she manages their lives for them. The reason our kids smile, laugh and enjoy their little lives is that she is their mom. Happy Mother’s Day, Allie!


Alison McLennan said...

Happy Mother's Day to one of the most inspiring moms I know!

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A beautiful tribute and one well deserved I'm sure!