Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Idea!

So this isn't the big fund-raiser reveal, but it is a little fund-raiser. However, it's also a great Mother's Day gift, so really, we both win. :)

May I present, for your consideration, these sweet little bird's nest necklaces? Made by yours truly, they are completely customizable with choices in color and number of beads. One egg for each little one in your nest. The bird's nest is strung on a 18"chain. The price (which will be completely used for our adoption and includes shipping) is $20.

Color choices for beads: (you can mix and match too)
dark blue
light brown
dark brown
black (pearly)
pale green

If you buy one by May 9th, I can get it to you in time for Mother's Day. I can do one to seven eggs. I haven't tried more than that, but I will if someone requests it!

Here's how to order:
  1. Click here, or use the "ChipIn" icon on this page. This is a secure transaction via PayPal.
  2. Enter $20 as the price per necklace.
  3. Be sure to indicate the color and number of eggs in the "Notes" field. You can also mix and match the colors of the eggs, perhaps selecting them by birthstone color. View more options and a list of colors below.
  4. If you have any questions or additional instructions, e-mail us at brannonadoption [at] gmail [dot] com, or leave a comment on this blog.
Mother's Day gift: check! Adoption contribution: check! Our sincere gratitude: yours!


La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

These are adorable. Such a sweet fundraiser. Think I'll send my hubs an email. :)

Want me to post these on my blog as well?

Praying God uses this to provide!

Courtney said...

do you think you can fit 6 in there? if so, i'll send you an email! you can email me if it's easier...i'll also check back here!

Donna said...

Same question from me! Can you fit 6 eggs??

Allie said...

Yes, I can fit six. They don't look quite as "eggy" as I'd like, but they still look cute, in my opinion. I can do six in a circle, or more like a pile. Let me know!

Laura Icardi said...

Do you have pictures of the different egg colors? These are beautiful!

Allie said...

Laura--I will post a picture today of the different colors. The ones already posted are (from top): yellow, pearl, red, blue, turquoise.

B DuBose said...

Hi, Allie. I just ordered your beautiful bird's nest necklace as a gift for someone. I requested the stones based on my Godchildren's birthstones (included in the Notes field on Paypal). Please use your judgement for matching the stones. I trust you. :-)

The Lichtys said...

Just ordered one for Sheri. Hope the comment came through ChipIn. Cute idea!


Allie said...

Got them both, (B. DuBose and Jeff). Thanks!