Wednesday, November 07, 2012

In the Meantime...

The past few weeks around here have been full. Jeremy had a stretch of working long days (and some nights, too!), we ushered in fall in GA--my favorite season, and we did a lot of fun field trips with friends. 

Oh, and Iain and Cory got this:
We've had the bunk beds for years, a gift from Jeremy's aunt and uncle. I told the boys we'd bunk them when Iain turned five, but then five seemed so young to let him sleep so high off the ground. So I waited until six. They love the bunk beds. There wasn't any arguing about who got which one--Cory likes the bottom because it's like a fort. I have plans to enhance the fort-like-ness soon. Iain is a huge fan of his top bunk. Yesterday he asked me for a "tiny welcome mat" to go at the bottom of his ladder. Love that boy.

Apple picking fun:

 (she looks so old here!)

(I promise he was having fun!)

My aunt Samantha is an artist/art teacher. This semester, she has very, very kindly been sending Cory art projects by mail (how fun is that!?) and then posting lessons for him on his very own blog. He is loving it. Iain gets in on the fun sometimes, too. Last week, they painted color wheels in watercolor. Iain had a smudge on his face, so being the sensible mother that I am, I turned it into this:

And Cory wanted to play, too. He did his own.

 Zoo trip with the Stephens family:

 So this one has a story. Cory's middle name is Daniel. He's never liked it. He likes to be called Cory D, but NOT Cory Daniel. We've told him the story of Daniel in the Bible many times, how brave Daniel was, how he followed God even when it was hard. Nothing doing. Still didn't like it. Well, the other day we started reading a book from the Childhood of Famous Americans series (I loved them as a kid, and now my kids love them! We're reading the same ones--I swiped them from my mom's house.) Guess which one we happened to start on first? Daniel Boone. 

Now Cory loves his middle name. He wants to be called Cory Daniel Boone Brannon. He talks about Daniel Boone all the time. He made targets to throw rocks at, he thinks a lot about being in the woods and how to hunt animals and hide from enemies. As in, he lies awake at night thinking about it. (Love this boy.) My favorite part is when he says things like, "Mama, Daniel Boone obeyed, so I'm going to obey, too," and "Daniel Boone was a hard worker. I'm going to work hard too!" Yes, we'll take it!

So the picture. There's an illustration in the book of Daniel Boone riding a horse bareback, with one hand in the air. You see where I'm going with this? Cory came up to me at the zoo and said, "Look! I can ride the duck like Daniel Boone!" Yes, dear boy. You can.

Hiking at a Civil War battlefield site with the Burtons. Love my sweet girl's smile!

Cooler days (and blankets from Nonas) are great for snuggling.

Some Laina funnies, so I don't forget. Two years old is hilarious!

Her cousin Penny gave her a hat and some mittens. When Laina saw the mittens she yelled, "Hooray! Hand thingies!"

At the breakfast table the other day, she was being so incredibly loud. I said, "Laina, please use your quiet voice." Her reply? "WHY?!! WHO'S SLEEPING!!?"

In the car--
Me: Look at the clouds!
Laina: Who made it? (side note: she asks this question about EVERYTHING. Clothes, food, toys, clouds, furniture. Everything.)
Me: God did.
Laina: Say thank-you to God. Okay, I will. Thank You, God!

Laina, while I cool dinner: I got a 'poon. It big, BIG like Laina Kate.

Last night while I was getting her footies on: I like you, Mama! I like you SO MUCH! (I like you too, baby girl.)

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