Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mason, the Four Month Update

Mason is four months old. It's amazing how much faster babies grow up when they're your fourth. So fast. Which is good in some ways, lending perspective (he will learn to sleep eventually!) and sad in others (how can he be four months old already?). But time is marching and we are being carried along, like it or not. (Or like it and not.)

Mason is...

...full of smiles, most of the time.
...really silly, almost hysterical, right before he hits the wall and needs sleep.
...still sleeping swaddled, and getting his right arm out in his sleep, every time. Little Houdini.
...only happy for a few minutes anywhere but in someone's arms.
...trying to get over another cold. Poor baby.
...still not rolling over, despite his cheering section.
...still sporting a head full of soft curls, though they are thinning (sad!).
...getting chubby.
...beloved by his siblings.
...impatient to begin playing with those siblings.
...almost impossible to photograph smiling. He turns that grin off as soon as the camera comes out, almost every time.
...unbearably cute. And handsome.
...four months and seven days old today.
...reaching and grabbing for toys.
...eating 4-5 oz of formula at a pop.
...finding diaper changes hilarious. the habit of pulling his hair. He's been wearing lots of hats lately to try to curb that tendency.
...a great car baby (hooray!).
...happy if he's being held and watching people.
...waking up! Gotta run!

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Rochelle Smith said...

How sweet!! I just love your four little "bibs"....which equals ...beautiful, intelligent Brannons!! :-)