Sunday, March 24, 2013

Will You Come Over?

So, I'm working on this project. A writing project. And as part of it, I started a website, a place to challenge myself in my writing, to focus thoughts, to note the ways God teaches us, to see how what we believe impacts how we live. A place to weave words together and hang them in the sunshine. And to invite you to join me in conversation about God and life.

Will you join me? I'm trying out the new subscribe-by-email thing on that site. I'd appreciate feedback on how it's working if you feel like subscribing. Come and visit! The site isn't totally done, but I'm working on it and I thought I'd go ahead and invite my friends to visit!

Look for several posts a week. Ambitious? Yes. :)

Click here to come over!

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Liz Schweizer said...

I realize this is an old post. And I'm thinking you've added two babies to the family since publishing this. :D But I wanted to encourage you in your blogging. I enjoy your content and your writing style. I'm thankful to know you in real life and I appreciate keeping up with you online!