Thursday, October 24, 2013

Beach Day

When we went to Florida in September, one of my main goals for the trip was to get my kiddos into the ocean. I had taken the three big kids by myself for an hour or two when we were down in August for Yaya's funeral, but Mason had never been, and I wanted an entire day there. (Really, I wanted a day there where my kids could play and I could sit and read in the sunshine, but that's a few years away.)

We spent some time with Jeremy's parents and hit the Gulf Coast, and it was wonderful. Not too crowded, not too hot. They bought a big canopy thing that provided shade, so Mason even got a nap in. The kids loved it. Cory hunted for seaweed, diving under water (!!! That's a big deal for him!) and piling it up on his boogie board. Iain and Laina both stayed in the water as much as they could. Mason didn't care about the sand, but he enjoyed the water immensely. He kicked like a crazy boy and dipped his head down backwards into the water again and again. I don't think the grin left his face the whole time.

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Alison McLennan said...

Gorgeous photos! Love those smiles. :)