Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Iain's Eighth Birthday

(Trying to catch up on the blog before little girl makes her appearance.)

Iain is EIGHT.

Here are the traditional last-day-as-a-whatever (seven, in this case) pictures. This guy is handsome, silly, and smart as a whip.

This year was a big deal for Iain. For the first time, we had a friend-only party, where we didn't invite families--just the kids. It was, of course, Ninjago/Lego themed and included lots of free-play with legos. Party guests who could come (several ended up sick) were Sam and Ben, Noah, and Bryar. Iain was in heaven. Of course, Cory (the birthday boy's best buddy) and Laina were there too.

We started off making the traditional birthday banner.

Iain requested Ninjago face cupcakes, including one Lloyd (the green ninja) for himself and one Nia (the girl ninja) for Laina.
He also requested cheetos, clementines, and BBQ cups for dinner.

He's eight!

During dinner, we watched stop-motion lego movies on YouTube.

And to wrap up a great day, Iain and Jeremy spent the evening putting together one of his (many) new lego sets.
Iain, you're growing up so fast. You are laid-back, loving, huggable, and sweet. You adore playing legos with Cory, listening to story hour, jumping with Mason on the trampoline, playing in the yard with Laina, coloring and drawing, reading, and eating. You are learning to be a good friend and you're growing so much this year as you think about others and how God would have you act toward them. You are silly, forgiving, and smart. You are a blessing, our Gift from God, and we love you so. Happy birthday.

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