Thursday, December 11, 2014

Randomness and Lots of Pictures

September through November in photos:

Easiest time "making hair" I've ever had!

International Rwanda Day was in Atlanta this year!

Cory and Sam at CC

I love how this guy runs.

We celebrated our tenth anniversary this year. He brought me daisies. My favorite.

AWANA Grand Prix. Our cars were terrible. But the kids had fun.

CC field trip to a farm.

Post-naptime snuggles are THE BEST.

Iain loves to read.

This year's Octoberfest: a minute man, George Washington, a mermaid, and a bumblebee.

Iain at CC, teaching his class how to draw a ninja.

Cory at CC, teaching his class how to draw something. Can't remember what.

This year has been a hard one in a lot of ways. Thankful that it's drawing to a close and with the gift of a very special little one on the way to end it on a high note.

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