Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Kid Funnies and Funny Kids

Ivy is full of funnies. Seriously, if she's not being witty or silly, she's being cute and sweet. We all could just eat her up.

Mason, at age four, is rather hilarious himself. The things he says, very seriously, are witty or crazy or silly or clever. He keeps us laughing.

Enjoy some of their recent quotable quotes.

Ivy: We are scared of lions. They run around and eat us. But we are not scared of monkeys. They do not eat us. They just climb. Like monkeys. We are scared of crocodiles. They come in the water and eat us to death. But we are not scared of kitty cats.

Ivy, instead of saying "I don't know", always says "I do not know."

And instead of asking to be picked up, she says, "Can you up me?"

Mason: if Ivy was in the water, I would jump in and save her.
Ivy: If I was stuck in a bear's mouth. I would...not get out. Because I was stuck.

Me to Jeremy: Ivy said something funny today, but I can't remember what it was.
Ivy, listening: Mom, what was the sound of me?

Both littles had funny ways of saying oatmeal (though now they both say it right. Sad.) Mason said "eat-mole" and Ivy said "ut-mool."

Mason, today, playing school: My teacher told me I have to go to college right now, or I will be DUMB.

Ivy, when I asked her what her favorite part of the day was: That Minnie Mouse was comfort in my hands.

Mason, on the monkey bars at the playground: This is how monkeys actually do.

Ivy: Can I wear my Sister Baby shirt? (Little Sister shirt)

Ivy: How old are you?
Me: I'm 33.
Ivy: Oh. How nine are you?
Me: Um...

Ivy's first joke: What does a rake say? Stop sign.

Me: Ivy, you're stinkin' cute.
Ivy: I'm stinky and cute? I don't want to be stinky and cute!
Me: How about I change you, then?
Ivy: Yeah yeah.

Mason, watching the rain (not funny, but sweet): I love to watch it when it rains so hard!

And a few from the some big kids, just for kicks:

Laina and her friend, age six: I don't know why I like my pinkie so much. Yeah, I like mine too. It just looks so much better. Yes, and thumbs are good too.

Iain: I think when you come to grownup-hood, you start liking slower and more weird songs.

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